Electric Vans: A Clean, Green Distribution

With the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) coming into place from 8th April, we’re relieved and proud to have our electric vans in action distributing print marketing across London.

Our Head of Distribution Marc Randall has given an overview of how this has happened:

“When it comes to the new fleet, it may sound obvious but the only real difference is that they are electric. Looking back it’s safe to say the adjustment was never an arduous one. It can seem daunting at the beginning, all the set-up admin and registering for funding etc, but we were met by so much government support – which was a great positive force.

Our warehouse now has 5 charging points installed by Pod Point, where the 8 vans are charged overnight on rotation as needed, although we’ve found no vehicles come back depleted. For a small to medium fleet such as ours, the electric Belingo was the perfect fit and has integrated smoothly into our operation thanks to preparation and forward planning.

Switching to an electric fleet makes sense from all angles. Our fuel costs have dropped dramatically whilst also no longer having to factor in the congestion charge which is great for the business, whilst knowing this change makes a positive environmental impact at such a critical moment in climate change history, and could hopefully encourage other businesses to follow suit, is a massive reward in itself. The benefits are huge when you get it right”.

Marc Randall, Head of Distribution.

London Calling Arts

So what do our electric vans mean for our clients? Well, quite simply by reducing our carbon footprint we are reducing your brands carbon footprint too and for our clients – they do not need to do a thing.

We’re cleaning up London’s air together.