Displaying your events and campaigns through the medium of print is a highly effective, proven way to engage with key audiences. Print offers your audience the chance to take the time to see, read and consider what you are offering and encourages repeat visitors.

Culture Calling has extensive and meticulously researched print distribution networks that display your materials in high profile and high footfall arts and leisure venues throughout the country.


Countywide Special Runs:

Within each county we offer 4 core thematic runs that are designed to target specific audiences relevant to your campaign. These include our Arts and Culture, Families, Tourist & Leisure and Hotels runs. Each run is compiled of 60 key venues, set up with regularly serviced Culture Calling racks.

Should you wish to target all 4 demographics in one county, you can opt for our Total County Special. This special provides you with a curated selection of top venues from the Arts and Culture, Families, Tourist and Leisure and Hotel runs.


Additional Print Display Services:

In additional to our core runs, we have a number of other print display services designed to engage directly with your audiences.


Racked Neighbourhood Runs

Our Racked Neighbourhood runs target specific geographical areas, helping you to promote your campaign to key local hotspots. We help you choose your neighbourhood areas and provide recommendations in terms of where your print should be displayed, in order to achieve optimal engagement. Racked Neighbourhoods are compiled of 40-50 key venues within a local area and each venue contains a regularly serviced Culture Calling rack. Venues include restaurants, cafes, gastro pubs, libraries, community centres and arts venues.

Key Racked Neighbourhoods include Andover, Bristol, Bath, Brighton, Canterbury, Cambridge Guildford, Southampton and Winchester.



Targeting cities, towns and venues of your choice, our display coordinators ensure that your posters are displayed in prime locations. We can display posters in a mixture of urban or rural areas, targeting venues relevant to your audiences.

Additionally, in Central Oxford, Culture Calling manages a selection of 14 glass poster sites in high footfall areas across the city.


Direct Handouts

Our friendly and outgoing Culture Calling handout staff can target keys areas and events visited by your target audience. We focus on hotspots such as high streets and stations as well as flyering at the entrances and exits of specific shows and events that you feel have a similar demographic. Our team is dedicated to getting your message across and can wear branded clothing if required. Pre-briefed on your show, event or venue, our team is prepared to answer questions and relay further information.


Door Drops

Our research team can identify audiences using Audience Spectrum to determine which post-codes have the highest saturation of your key demographic. We then use this research to suggest how much print and where you should be distributing so our door drop team can place your print directly into the homes of those most suited to your campaign. Alternatively, we can do standard door dropping based on your specific postcode requests.


Culture Packs

Our Culture Packs are brightly coloured envelopes with CultureCalling.com branding that include a variety of print and postcards from theatres, galleries, museums and arts centres. Our Culture Calling staff hand these out directly across big, high footfall events across the country. Previous packs have featured at Bristol Pride, Eastbourne Air Show and Winchester Hat Fair.