University of East Anglia

The Challenge

To promote the events of University of East Anglia:

  •  To people in the local area.
  • Reach individuals with an active interest in arts and culture.
  • Ensure the local community are engaged with the programme of public events at the University.

The Strategy

We targeted a local Norwich neighbourhood run along with a county wide Arts and Culture special, to saturate the county with the universities’s “What’s On” guide.   

The guides were replenished throughout the duration of the campaign. They were kept on display for 3 months at a time, displaying UEA’s 3 editions throughout the year.

A carefully selected range of venues were included for their promotion; ranging from high footfall local venues in Norwich to key arts venues across the wider Norfolk area.

The Results

7,000 of each edition were distributed to 100 targeted venues. Display racks and solo holders were topped up to ensure a permanent display.

Display was maintained for each edition over a 3 month period with an excellent pick up rating across venues.

The A6 format was given front tier display to ensure prominent positioning.