St Paul’s Cathedral

The Challenge

In 2017 St. Paul’s wanted to promote the cathedral as not only a place of celebration over the Christmas period, but also a place of refuge for everyone to find support and sanctuary.

The second aim was to target the many City workers whose offices sit around St. Paul’s but who very rarely visit the cathedral.

The Strategy

London Calling ran an 8 week print campaign made up of staggered 4 week-long run from November until after the Christmas and New Year break.

We targeted City workers using a new display network, City Culture. And hit London families using our London Villages runs.

Further awareness was driven through London Calling’s Niche Specials in Waiting Rooms and Youth Centres and wide reaching Libraries network.

The Results

St. Paul’s were incredibly happy with the reach attracting a larger audience of church visitors than would be usual during the festive period.

They are now looking to increasing the scope of this work to drive up their membership numbers.

“Many thanks for all your time and help to get to where we have got to so far… the displays look really good!”
– Ed Holmes, Marketing Manager