London + Culture Calling’s Bursary Scheme

We received hundreds of applications to the bursary scheme we ran during the summer to help support arts and culture organisations emerging from the COVID disruption.  It was a tough process to select only 14 winners as we were inundated with applications from cultural institutions that had seen their income decimated by the UK lockdown and subsequent social distancing regulations. I recently caught up with two of our winners, Kathryn Havelock from the Wallace Collection & Nick Thompson from Reading Rep. Both, were able to share with me, what it means to them, to have won the bursary.

Kathryn Havelock, Head of Communications, Wallace Collection

“Like all UK Museums, the Covid-19 pandemic caused a seismic shift in our budgets and our marketing plans for 2020. We made the decision to open our doors back in July, and were one of the first London Museums to do so, so that we could welcome our loyal audiences back as soon as possible, particularly in the year of the museum’s 120th birthday. People from every single department worked together as we prepared the museum to be safe and in alignment with new COVID guidelines but we got there… Now for us it’s about picking up where we left off and raising awareness for the museum and its wonderful collections, but with very little budget to do it while we try and recover from this year’s income losses.  We were absolutely thrilled to be a recipient in the London Calling Bursary; it’ll give us such a great opportunity that we wouldn’t otherwise have been able to afford this year to welcome audiences back and share our treasures with them.”

Nick Thompson – Executive Director, Reading Rep

The Covid 19 pandemic has caused all theatres in the country to close, with a return looking uncertain and challenging for the sector. We are absolutely thrilled to be a recipient of a London Calling Bursary. It will help us build awareness, confidence and support for our work. It will form a crucial part of our marketing strategy that we wouldn’t have been able to finance otherwise- Thank you.”

Thank you to everyone who applied to the scheme. We’re offering some digital support to those who missed out so please email us at: if you’re keen. We’d like to do all we can to support the arts and culture sector through these tough times.