Community Marketing During COVID-19

COVID-19 has put limits on people’s movement unlike anything that we have experienced in modern times.  This has led many of our clients to reach out specifically to their local communities as a reliable potential audience during such uncertain times. Below are some examples of how Culture Calling is able to help its clients adapt their marketing strategy and specifically target these local communities.

Door to Door

Even as lockdowns lift, we know that many people are still spending more time at home. Therefore London + Culture Calling can help you reach audiences through our Door2Door service. We’ve been successfully delivering print directly to UK households for over 10 years. In partnership with The Audience Agency, UK Mail and Culture Calling’s in-house delivery team, we offer a powerful marketing service that targets with precision, delivers accurately and drives growth.

Neighbourhood Print Display

Recent months have seen a loosening of COVID regulations which has seen venues central to local communities reopen under social-distancing regulations. Culture Calling has thousands of display stands at the very heart of communities situated in libraries, pubs, cafes, local theatres & town halls and achieve a high pick-up rate. Plus clients can be assured by the World Health Organisation who have deemed print distribution a safe means of marketing during the pandemic.

Targeted Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing options allow clients to target specific audiences and locations through a combination of micro-targeted social media campaigns and segmented email marketing. Our social media following of over 100,000 arts and culture lovers can be reached through promotions aimed at incredibly specific demographics. This ensures clients are able to target the local audiences that they are looking for. Also, our mailing list of over 70,000 can be segmented to meet the needs of our clients and make sure that the emails are read by those in the local area.

As arts and culture organisations across the UK re-write their marketing and business plans this year, we’re working faster and more flexibly with clients as a new norm unfolds. If you simply need to talk through an idea, be sure to contact us at: