Digital Segmentation: The key to better audience engagement   

A  69%  email  open rate.  That’s  no typo.  How do we do it?   

At Culture Calling, we know the value of targeting the right audience. When it’s done well, it can have great results for our clients.  

Despite the impact of GDPR in 2018, we’ve seen  our  newsletter subscribers  increase by 15%.  We now have 77,000+ active arts and culture subscribers  who we’ve divided  into  84 segments which are defined by interests or region.  

Of 84  email segments, our  10  Core Segments are a selection of our  popular and  highly  engaged  subscribers. These are included in our special rate, so that you can optimize spend and reach, and therefore engagement.   

For as little as £150, you can reach thousands of people via location and interest through our core segments 

But remember, it’s not all about targeting – it’s about  retargeting.   

With open rates  reaching up to  69%,  retarget emails are  an effective  way to keep your audience engaged  and remind them of your event.  After all,  the more someone sees your content, psychologically the exposure effect is activated and consumers are more likely to engage and take action 

 So how does it work from our end? 

 After sending  a solus email promoting your event or venue  to  an email segment of your choice,  we’ll then  send out an email to subscribers who opened the original solus email,  reaching  the  people  who have already shown interest in your  campaign.  

 The Numbers:   

  • Our newsletter has over 77,000 subscribers  
  • Regional weekly and monthly newsletters regularly have a 12% to 20% open rate. 
  • Our solus emails regularly have a 20% open rate. 
  • Retarget emails receive up to 69% open rate.   
  • 84 emails segments.

Contact our team and they’ll give you more information about all 84 email segments and how we can extend the reach of your campaign