Christmas Marketing Tips

For marketeers, the seasonal calendar is chronolgically skewed – what even is time, anyway?

Are you ahead of the game and more ready for Christmas than ever or are you always dreading a last minute rush? Well, we have some tips for all marketeers pre and post Christmas so get your calendar ready.

Don’t forget the Christmas hangover
It’s easy to get caught up in the blizzard of Christmas marketing, but the days following shouldn’t be neglected. A sure-fire way to overcome this is to increase your campaign’s longevity by focussing on winter and the festive season in general, rather than hanging on to Christmas only. Take Salisbury Cathedral’s incredibly successful From Darkness to Light Illuminations – while still in the sparkly spirit of Christmas, the installation was a winter-long event. Clever marketing made sure its expiry date was beyond 25th December and the campaign was still appropriate during the January hangover – in fact, it perfectly appealed to people looking to brighten up their post-Christmas blues.

It’s cuffing season, so partner up
The festive season is the perfect time to offer audiences something a little more special. Perhaps you could team up with a local restaurant or hotel for an enticing package deal for a delightful day out. Alternatively, make use of your venue by hosting a Christmassy craft fair or food market. You could even curate a festive pop-up. By partnering with another company, you’ll have the chance to amp up the experience of your current audience and reach out to new customers too, familiarising them with your venue along the way.

Don’t let the high-street chains do all the grafting
Have you ever received a gift from someone who just gets you? Experience gifts can be some of the most touching, exciting presents to receive – far better than that Nivea Men gift set or a soulless scented candle. Give your gift cards and/or memberships a charming festive makeover, make sure they’re well-advertised and emphasise the sentimentality and easiness of the gift. You could also have them included in a gift guide (*ahem* is this another partnership opportunity?)

It’s a time for giving – make the most of it
Who doesn’t feel more generous around Christmas? Even Scrooge had his turn at sharing the turkey. A ‘Pay it Forward’ scheme could be the chance for your current audiences to share your Christmas offering with disadvantaged groups – perhaps school children from a low-income area or a local nursing home. By doing this, you have the opportunity to tap into the heightened emotional connections formed during the festive period and develop your audience to beyond your typical demographic at the same time.

Cut through the Christmas commotion with a simple thank you
It’s a crazy time of the year, but it’s also the perfect time to stop for a moment, reflect on the past year and give thanks. Why not share this with your followers or subscribers in a humble written email or social media post? Share your successes – in whatever form they present themselves in – and say thank you to your audiences for helping you get there. It’s simple, but sometimes simplicity is the most effective way to make an authentic connection.

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