Print and Digital: It shouldn’t be one or the other

Last week, we headed to the awe-inspiring Royal Court Theatre to celebrate and discuss all things print with over 40 of our clients.

With the rapidly increasing accessibility of the internet and a constant influx of new technological innovations, digital is stubbornly on the rise, and a handful of organisations are even taking this moment in marketing history to turn off the print switch completely.

But while it’s exciting to join in on the journey of digital innovation, we ask: should we neglect a medium that has a unique physicality and keepability? What value does print have in a modern marketing landscape? And, how can we integrate print and digital to boost a campaign’s effectiveness?

Drawing upon neuroscience, case studies and our seasoned experience, we’ve explored the fact-based evidence that champions print as a major marketing tool, as well as how it can be best utilised for a compelling, memorable and stimulating campaign.

If you missed our event last week, get in touch to request a copy of the presentation.