How to Target a Family Audience with your Print and Digital Campaign

Families make up a significant proportion of the UK’s active audiences, with arts and cultural activities often providing them with an innovative opportunity to socialise and learn. This means that families can be a particularly effective audience segment to target. Convincing families to attend your event or venue requires care and attention, so we’ve put together some tips for your print and digital campaign to help you target a family audience.

Put your Print Directly in their Hands
Another way to get your print directly into the hands of culturally engaged families is through our unique Culture Packs. Packaged professionally and appealingly in clear envelopes, our Culture Packs include a selection of print and are handed out by our friendly promotional staff at cultural events with a high footfall.

As well as popular events, thousands of our Culture Packs are distributed in primary schools. With our location-specific primary school runs, your print could be delivered straight into the book bags of nearby primary school children! You can find out more about our 2018 Culture Packs Schedule here.

Setup a Family Friendly Competition or Offer
A family discount or a ‘kids go free’ scheme can be a great motivation for booking tickets. The external costs of a trip out, such as food and travel, add up – arranging a ‘dinner and a show’ offer with a local restaurant or promoting free parking could be an effective way of grabbing your audience’s attention.

As well as providing a financial incentive, a targeted family offer shows families that you welcome them into your event or venue. A discount offer could be especially effective in a digital campaign; competition and offer listings are free of cost on both our London and Culture Calling websites. You can promote your offer further via our solus email service, allowing you to reach new, culturally engaged families.

Use a Targeted Distribution Run 
With your print and digital content accessible, enticing and engaging, you’ll want to get it straight to the right people. We offer a host of carefully constructed print distribution services that are bolstered by our expert audience segmentation tools and extensive reach.

We have extensive print distribution networks spread across the whole of the UK, with runs for each county as well as London. For specifically targeted distribution, our countywide runs can be separated thematically, including our dedicated Families runs. From museums and ceramic pottery cafes to go-karting tracks and leisure centres, our Families run covers 60 high profile and high footfall venues that already attract family audiences.

Start a Conversation Online
Whilst utilising ‘word of mouth’ seems like it’s out of the marketer’s hands, there are steps that can be taken to gently nudge your family attendees to spread the word. One way is to create a unique hashtag to be used consistently across both your print and digital content, encouraging user-generated content.

A more direct way of starting this conversation is through contacting and building a relationship with digital influencers in your sector – for example, family lifestyle and motherhood bloggers. These content creators have a powerful influence over their readers. Our bespoke Hashtag Events are a great way to reach out to these influencers and get them to your event or venue, as well as generate an online buzz amongst your targeted audience.

Need a boost with targeting families in your digital and print campaigns? Get in touch with our client services team for some expert and efficient marketing support.