Increased Exposure with Culture Calling Van Wraps

We’re always looking for fresh and unique ways for our clients to get ahead of the game with their marketing campaigns.

Capture your audience’s attention with a unique, eye-catching, mobile advert; you can now use one of our vans as a blank canvas for your promotional campaigns, taking advantage of the extensive exposure our vehicles enjoy as they zip all over the country every week.

With 8 vans travelling up and down the country every week, a Culture Calling van wrap offers maximum exposure and is an effective way to promote your venue, event, exhibition, show or even a season of shows.

Here are some excellent examples of our van wraps…

IMG_3847 copy
The Snow Queen, Bristol Old Vic, Bristol, 2016. 

Snow White, Aylesbury Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury, 2017. 

Where did the idea come from?

In 2015, Bristol Old Vic were looking for a mobile form of promotion for their 250th Anniversary celebrations. When they asked Culture Calling if they could utilise our Bristol van as part of their campaign, our glorious leader, Gary, thought… why not?! As a result, Bristol Old Vic received mobile promotion across Bristol as well as areas of Somerset, Devon and Cornwall – talk about spreading the word!  We were excited to have something new, fun, and impactful to offer clients, and shortly found that another well-established client, Aylesbury Waterside Theatre , wanted a van wrap for their pantomime Dick Whittington. What a beaut it turned out to be!

Both clients booked again for the 2016 Christmas shows. Take a look at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre’s carpool karaoke video, featuring the van wrap itself…

What do other clients think?

“Culture Calling have enabled us to effectively promote shows via van wraps. They are a fantastic quality and perfectly serve their purpose of spreading our message far and wide. Service is always fast and the team are as passionate about profiling our product as we are as a venue.” – Aylesbury Waterside Theatre

Book a van wrap!

Want to try a van wrap out for yourselves? Prices start from £1,500. Contact your account manager today for more information about giving our vans your very own promotional makeover!

Top image: Snow White, Aylesbury Waterside Theatre, 2017.