Arts and Culture Marketing Round-Up 3

Whether you’re looking to create an online buzz around a museum, need to get your head around the basics of promoting an art exhibition, or you want to understand the event-marketing trends that will be important in 2016, we’ve got something for you! We’ve put together another round-up of the internet’s best tips, news and advice for promoting your arts and culture events.

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An Introduction to Marketing

The Art Council sums up the pros and cons of different forms of marketing with this simple guide for beginners, perfect for anyone just starting out in marketing at a small arts or cultural organisation.
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3 Key Trends for Planning and Promoting Events in 2016

The experts at Eventbrite discuss the big trends that will impact the success of your events in 2016. While Eventbrite don’t specifically focus on arts venues, these important trends will still be important for any cultural or promotional events you’ve got planned for the coming year.
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How Digital Tech can Bridge Gaps between Museums and Audiences

At London Calling, we’re huge fans of digital marketing and we think there are plenty of digital innovations the cultural sectors should be taking advantage of. This fascinating article explores how (and why) museums should put digital at the heart of their strategies and activities.
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How to Talk to the Press Like a Pro

A simple how-to guide from Etsy relevant for any small organisation looking to promote themselves with the press.
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10 Podcasts that will Help you Learn Marketing for Free

Finding time to research and learn more about marketing practices can be really tricky, but Podcasts are a brilliant solution. Listen to them on your commute to work, while you’re at the gym, or when you’re cooking dinner! These ten marketing podcasts will help you to develop the skills you need to promote your organisation and events.
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How to Market an Exhibition

This beginner’s guide explains how to promote your up-coming art exhibition, including identifying and segmenting your audience, cross-promotion and how to harness word of mouth.
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